boda liu

I develop numerical methods to model processes that link the deep interior of the Earth to geological observations at the surface. My thesis focuses on the chemical transport in partially molten mantle. Beneath spreading plate boundaries, the mantle melts and brings a taste of the deep earth to two types of rocks called mid-ocean-ridge basalts and abyssal peridotites. The composition of these rocks carries valuable information about the chemical variability at depth. However, the melting process overprints on the source. That is the challenge for interpretating observations.

So, I tackle on how the shape of chemical heterogeneities deforms and how the compositional flavor is preserved or diluted during melting and melt migration. By studying these processes, we can better understand how the earth developes various chemical signatures seen in these rocks. The long-term goal is to combine observations of rock samples, geophysical investigations, and geodynamic models to answer fundamental questions about the earth, such as the form and distribution of chemical heterogeneities in the Earth's mantle in the past, present, and future.

In my spare time, I take photos and read chinese history.